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Our Services



VED Engineers Sdn Bhd covers most of the works in the field of civil and structural engineering.

Our collaborative approach ensures every seamless integration with architects and contractors, resulting in successful projects. From feasibility studies and risk assessment to renovation and environmental engineering, we offer diverse services that encompass the entire project lifecycle.

Our accomplished team excels in structural design, geotechnical engineering, construction management, and more.

Our Projects

The specific areas of professional experience include the followings:

  • Commercial building development (Shop houses, shop offices and corporate office towers);
  • Shopping mall, hotel and retail suites development;
  • Institutional buildings and medical centers;
  • High-rise serviced apartment, SOHO and condominium development;
  • Housing development (terrace, semi-D and bungalow)
    Structural steel works for factories & warehouses;
  • Local infrastructures, such as earthwork, road and drainage, water and sewer reticulation design;
  • Local and structure plan study;
  • Elevated water tank, reservoir and sewerage treatment plant;
  • Roads and bridges;

Our specialties in civil & structural engineering design are:

  • Deep basement excavation with top-down construction
  • Soil retention system (contiguous bored pile, diaphragm
    wall, pre-cast retaining wall, cofferdam and sheet piling)
  • Shallow foundation system (pad, raft, strap, strip footing and piled strip)
  • Deep foundation system (bored pile, caisson, jack-in pile, micro-pile, pre-cast R.C pile and pre-stressed spun pile)
  • Shear wall system with aluminum system formwork, wall form and tunnel form;
  • Deep beam, transfer beam and post-tensioned system;
  • Piled raft and capping beam for basement;
  • Flat slab and thick plate system;
  • Pre-cast and composite system;
  • Earthworks and slope stabilization;
  • Storm water management;
  • Water resources and sewer treatment;
  • Roads and bridges.
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