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Who We Are

At VED, our purpose resonates with the very essence of progress – to be a driving force in the evolution of human habitation. With a mission that echoes the aspirations of our venture, we tirelessly strive to reshape landscapes, redefine living spaces, and contribute to the tapestry of thriving neighborhoods.

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Our Company

Founded by dedicated engineers, VED offers exceptional civil and structural consultancy.

Our Projects

Providing innovative solutions, collaborating with clients, architects, and consultants.

Our Services

VED covers most of civil and structural engineering consultancy services & work scope

Established Since 2010

The foundation of VED is to provide alternative engineering solutions and good responsive services to meet clients’ needs. Together with our competent and skilled professional engineers and semi-professional members, VED strives to provide higher level of safe and professional consultancy services.

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> RM5B
GDV Completed
> RM10B
GDV Under Construction
> 70
Staff Strength In Service
> 30
Regular Clients
One Stop Solution

Successful and timely completion of project

VED is determined to provide value-added alternative engineering solutions with problem-solving skills and approaches strategize to work closely with clients, architects and other consultants to meet client’s

Excellence in Design, Quality and Optimum cost

This triad of principles forms the cornerstone of success, influencing everything from product development to customer satisfaction and market positioning.

Offer elevated and expert consultancy services

Through a combination of industry expertise, innovative solutions, and rigorous quality control, we ensure that our clients receive the utmost in reliable and effective consultancy.

Our Registration Certificates

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